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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On Another Planet

Someone once told me that when your daughters are young, you might be on the same page as them, but as they get older like around 10yrs old, you're not even in the same book, and as they get even older (teenagers) you're not even in the same world. Well I've come to believe that when they are teenagers they are completely on another planet. Can I get an Amen??
Both my daughters are very good children and I love them dearly, but they are on another planet. The things they say or do sometimes are not of this world. We just don't agree on anything, and when I'm trying to give advice or just my opinion, they take it as I'm lecturing or they feel I just want to be right. Feel free to give any advice on this. Other than that we have great relationship and I'm truly blessed to have both of them as my daughters.

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  1. Amen. Our daughter now lives in NYC.....very far away from Salt Lake City. That might as well be Mars. Drat. Oh well. Read Gibran's "Prophet" to get some insight into that ( I read it years ago). Your daughters are beautful, by the way!