Dads Point Of View: Bedtime drama
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bedtime drama

It seems to always take about an extra hour to get these guys to bed. Around 9 o'clock we'll say "okay it's time for bathroom and bed," and like clock-work the prolonging begins. It will first start with, "Can I have a night-night snack, even though the answer is no, somehow they end up with something. After the night-night snack comes the real drama, we let them watch a movie and they're suppose to switch who picks the movie every night, well somehow that just never works, it ends up becoming a big argument. Well really it's just my youngest son Taejshon, somehow he's never wrong, I wonder where he gets that from. Anyways we've switched to the calender system, where we put each ones initial on every other day, so far it's been a success, sorta...

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